Project Management By John Pereless

What is Project Management: Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and knowledge to attain the project objectives. A project may be a distinctive, transient endeavour, undertaken to attain planned objectives, that might be outlined in terms of outputs, outcomes or advantages.

As per John Pereless, the below mentioned steps are needed to run a successful project:

(A) Start or Initial analysis
(B) Analysing and developing a plan
(C) Execution of the plan
(D) Monitoring the executed plan that how it’s working
(E) Mark complete

Project Management John Pereless Blog

Project Management John Pereless Blog

Agile Project Management: Agile project management encompasses many repetitive approaches, supported the principles of human interaction management and supported on a method read of human collaboration. Agile-based methodologies ar “most typically” utilized in computer code development in addition because the “website, technology, creative, and selling industries.”[25] This sharply contrasts with ancient approaches like the water technique. In agile computer code development or versatile development, the project is seen as a series of comparatively tiny tasks planned ANd dead to conclusion because the scenario demands in an adjustive manner, instead of as a totally pre-planned method.

Advocates of this method claim that:

It is the foremost consistent project management technique since it involves frequent testing of the project beneath development.
It is the sole technique during which the shopper are going to be actively concerned within the project development.
The only disadvantage with this method is that it ought to be used given that the shopper has enough time to be actively concerned within the project each currently then.
Agile is AN umbrella term for multiple project management methodologies, including:
Scrum – A holistic approach to development that focuses on repetitive goals set by the merchandise Owner through a backlog, that is developed by the Delivery Team through the facilitation of the scrummage Master.
Extreme Programming (XP) – conjointly known as try Programming this technique uses tiny teams and includes a extremely prescriptive take a look at Driven Development (TDD) model.
eXtreme producing (XM) – AN agile methodology supported scrummage, Kanban and Kaizen that facilitates fast engineering and prototyping.

Crystal Clear – AN agile or light-weight methodology that focuses on colocation and diffusion communication.

Kanban- A lean framework for method improvement that’s oft accustomed manage add progress (WIP) inside agile comes. Kanban has been specifically applied in computer code development.

Scrum ban: a mixed scrummage and kanban approach to project management. It focuses on taking the flexibleness of kanban and adding the structure of scrummage to make a replacement thanks to manage comes.


Chromecast at a glance by John Pereless

If you’ve got ever puzzled, what a Google Chromecast is and the way it works, you’ve came across proper place. During this post, i’ll tell you all you wish to understand concerning this tiny sensible device and what it will do for you.

What is a Google Chromecast?

A Chromecast could be a sensible very little device you introduce to associate HDMI port on the rear of your TV. If you’ve got associate accessible USB port on the TV you don’t even have to be compelled to connect the facility provide, it will get power from the USB port right next to the HDMI port wherever you obstructed within the Chromecast device.

John Pereless on Chromecast

John Pereless on Chromecast

John Pereless on Chromecast

John Pereless on Chromecast

The problem with hottest sensible TV

If you’ve got a contemporary LCD or semiconductor diode TV, bought at intervals concerning the last three years, you properly understand you’ll be able to connect it to the web (Wi-Fi or cable) and use the apps put in on the TV, to stream movies from your NAS, YouTube or Netflix. It all sound terribly sensible and simple and that i would like that was verity. once it involves Smart-TV’s and apps put in on the TV computer code, this can be most sensible in any respect. Verity concerning most Smart-TV’s these days is that the apps ar terribly slow, usually get unresponsive and virtually ne’er get updated. I do know it’s been plenty higher for the last year or 2, however there’s still plenty to would like for. You don’t get a replacement high-priced TV simply to be ready to watch YouTube on that, right?

So what to try and do, if we wish to stream movies, watch Netflix or YouTube on our massive ass, high-priced TV within the front room, while not wasting ten minutes of our life to search out a video on YouTube with the TV remote? this can be wherever you wish a Google Chromecast. With a Chromecast, you’ll be able to realize YouTube videos or different contents on your mobile or pill and forged it to your TV, when ready. All you wish is to air a similar Wi-Fi as your Chromecast device. Another sensible factor concerning this device is that once your hit the forged button, the device can begin streaming the contents of its own, which means you’ll be able to use your mobile or table for different things while not interrupting the casting you started on your TV 🙂

Introduction to Google Chromecast

When i used to be inscribing this post I was curious however I ought to demonstrate the Google Chromecast to people who has ne’er seen it in action, then John Pereless found a video  that explains everything about it’s functioning:

Top Resource On Media Uploads By John Pereless

In modern technology era, file handling is very important for managing the resources online. The reason is obvious as so many folks are engaged in various activities for working online and from remote places. Many resources are available to handle the big media & document files online but the most popular resources are accessed frequently via a few top popular media channels.

We will discuss here the basics of file handling, resources needed to manage them and more.

What is file sharing by John Pereless ?

Technically the practice of to transmit files from one computer to another through intermediate network or via a network of computer or by Internet, is called file sharing.File sharing or media sharing is the public or selected sharing of resources, computerised data or space in a network with many levels of access constraints.

File sharing could be a standalone pc that evolved from removable media by network protocols, such as File Transfer Protocol (FTP). starting within the Nineteen Nineties, several remote file-sharing mechanisms were introduced, as well as FTP, hotline and instant messenger chat (as in IRC).

Operating systems [OS] additionally offer file-sharing strategies, like network file sharing (NFS). As per John Pereless , most file-sharing tasks use 2 basic sets of network criteria, as follows:

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing: This is often the most preferred method, however compromised, methodology of file sharing attributable to the employment of peer-to-peer code. Network pc users find shared knowledge with third-party code. P2P file sharing permits users to directly access, transfer and edit files. Some third-party code facilitates P2P sharing by assembling and segmenting massive files into smaller items.

File Hosting Services: This P2P file-sharing various provides a broad choice of well-liked on-line material. These services are very often used with web collaboration strategies, as well as email, blogs, forums, or different mediums, wherever direct transfer links from the file hosting services will be enclosed. These service websites sometimes host files to modify users to transfer them.
Once users transfer or build use of a file employing a file-sharing network, their pc additionally becomes a section of that network, permitting different users to transfer files from the user’s pc. File sharing is usually black-market, with the exception of sharing material that’s not proprietary or proprietary. Another issue with file-sharing applications is that the downside of spyware or adware, as some file-sharing websites have placed spyware programs in their websites. These spyware programs are typically put in on users’ computers while not their consent and awareness.
Top Resources by John Pereless:

Google Drive

Branding Strategies By John Pereless

John Pereless

Before we proceed, we should first understand the phenomenon on branding.  As in general saying we refer brand and that’s how make impact on any assets value proportion on rapid growth. The concept of marketing and branding are correlated and interconnected.  The fundamental point regarding sales promotion and effective market capturing leads to effective marketing strategy that business used while campaigning.

What is branding?   

John Pereless Branding

John Pereless Branding

When we have an ideal combination on 3 P of marketing i.e. Product, Price and Promotion, then we can  manage a brand in a more effective and efficient way. Technically speaking, a brand name is one that don’t need to invest in marketing after it has created. We can have some examples Adidas, Nike, Fastrack etc! In short, perhaps the most important sense, a brand is a promise.  Your Brand is your promise to your client. It tells them what they’ll expect from your merchandise and services, and it differentiates your providing from your competitors’. Your brand decide what you are, and what you want to be alike for your customers.
Social Media Branding and Strategies:

John Pereless Branding

John Pereless Branding

Your brand strategy is totally based on demography, your target users with proper age group deliverance i.e. how you manage, what you deliver, where you offer, when you start and to whom you plan on serving, interaction and delivering on your appropriate brand messages makes you progressive in social media brand management. When it comes to social media, you should work on your 3 P of marketing effectively. Social media offers you regional selection based campaign and you should not miss that opportunity i.e. you can have different sets of promotion for multiple geo locations and hence you can create your brand on social media by becoming native serving company.

How to create Brand for your product or Services?

social-media-branding by John Pereless

As we already discussed that a brand is representing your promise or trust for the customers. if you set-up some benchmarks for your quality of product and services, you will be identified as a unique provider and then this will lead to a positive response from the outer world. You need to show the other users why you are unique and hence you create your Brand i.e. a unique identity among the existing masses. Now the question arise is that so many businesses are there into the market, why don’t each has a brand name? The guess is very easy: only a few cares about customers satisfaction and hence the reviews and ratings from the end users or customers for the services rendered to them. If they like, they will be a part of other referrals and if they unsatisfied, they will be a part of your quality assessment processes. In either case, you will lead! If a business gets this theory, that will be climbing on the hill, as simple as that!

How one can build brand using social media?

This is a very simple question but it’s answer is not that simple! Well, different marketers are asking for these services but entrepreneurs or small business owners hardly get success. The reason is: They don’t understand actually what branding is. Well, as per John Pereless Software and services, a perfect brand can be represented on social media using companies attentiveness. If you get a new customer, you should cheers him on social media by helping him if he gets any trouble or so. The time you spend in resolving his concern, the less time you will be spending in branding yourself. Every time a customer comes in, you must welcome him through social media shouting or mentioning him in a batch system so that he will be pleased to know that he has been taken care by your business! Sharing small piece of info can lead you in a successive steps of business growth. The point is very simple: Be ready and be alert to post something that has been adopted by the business or services.

John Pereless Blog

Know the Power of WordPress Blogging!

A Blog Post By John Pereless

Before moving towards WordPress, let us first understand the basics of CMS. A CMS [Content Management System] is a built in website page developer that provides facilities to the webmaster or website administrator to create web pages directly from back-end of the system without any code interaction or code rewriting. Hence a CMS is a platform for web admin/master users to define a page without any technical expertise. This CMS can be built of any technology and it’s technology independent for the end users.On the other hand we can say that the CMS is a perfect example of object oriented programming paradigm’s data “Encapsulation”  property. One can not see the code but utilize it well in order to manage or create a new page.

How CMS Works?


John Pereless Blog

John Pereless Blog

John Pereless Blog

John Pereless Blog

A content management system i.e. CMS works on both i.e. front end as well as back-end. When we click on any Action button, we deal with front end while the processes those takes place upon clicking calls the database field attributes and they are returned in the form of values in a string and managed well on presenting them live on requested form.

Identify the power of WordPress:

WordPress has got full features and complete functionality on managing an ideal CMS. WordPress can be used as a stand alone blogging platform as well as website management tool. The beautiful part of it’s usability is the ease of access as well as the simplicity of interaction from back to front end. Also, a lot of built in plugins are ready to install or integrate unique features in existing blog or site. The title I used here is “Power of WordPress CMS” and that’s very much proved by the small business owners as well as bloggers.

How to utilize true power of the WordPress CMS:

John pereless manages pereless software and he says most of the incoming web development requirements are from the built in WordPress CMS as clients are preferring it a lot these days. The fundamental cause behind it is it’s theme based structure, ease of installation, available plugins for further feature installation, built in search engine optimizers and more!

Blogging is not a nightmare! Hand in Hand with John Pereless

Blogging: Being an author, It’s the most convenient media to interact with your readers,. being a business person, the shortest way of presenting on your services and product updates! Being an org, blogging is to give linked information about your trademark, product or services to your  traditional and old buyers. In short, blogging is an online information resource to keep your users updated all the time.  Anyone can have a blog on purchased domain or via available free blogging service providers. In today’s web 2.0 technology and mobile world, a blogging is a must to streamline the business processes. Blogging will be nice fun all an equivalent and it’s a perfect learning expertise for you if you are an author, a knowledge-freaky agency encompasses a heap to share on a subject or hobby, or you are simply keen to encourage individuals to check things in your way! This text is concentrated on serving to you to avoid the common mistakes several learner bloggers make; whereas you’ll still stumble into them, a minimum of you will be additional aware and knowledge to correct your future approaches.

How Blogging helps?  Best part on doing blog is to know how it functions and how post works i.e. how it’s useful for others? Well, a very common, relevant and short example will concentrate our point! Let’s say, I need a suggestion on home architecture! I go to Google and type “Beautiful home design ideas”! What will be the results out in returns of that search? Obviously the property business websites will be there to assist me but as you know a professional website is developed for doing business or offering services so how I will be helped?


The clue is essential to understand that targeted persons are always come on website to have relevant and good information resource and then they convert in real buyers! In this case the property website will have an individual link for blog in it’s web page and we are redirected to that blog linked page from the real website! That’s how business work online. Hope you have caught the fish with right line 🙂

What can be posted in a blog?

As we have discussed, any informational content which is required when we provide some type of professional services or any advice, suggestion which is in demand in providing any product line i.e. “how to use”, “how to make”, “how to implement” etc can easily be posted or blogged in order to take it’s benefit in research or boosting-up your business lead generation measures. Once the targeted audience is at your site, he will be definitely surfing your offerings, deliverance and then if he likes or interested further, will surely ask for a quote and hence better leads generation! Also, you can build your list for email marketing if you offer some redirection for the specific post or tasks such as affiliate link or promotional point thus better follow–ups and offerings.

How blogging can be distinguished from an article?

This is a basic point which arise in our mind on how we can compare or differentiate an article writing than writing a blog. Well, an article can be prepared on any topic as our blog posting does but the difference is in networking! A blog is created to manage and share in a group or network or in a community as a result better engagement & interaction can be achieved through the same!

How blogging can be more useful?

Create a min 5 major “substance” articles. A substance article is sometimes an educative article focused to show your users one thing. Usually these are lengthier than 500 words and have so many good informative tips or recommendation. This section you’re currently reading can be thought of a substance article as it’s terribly sensible and a decent “how-to” tutorial. This sort of article has future attractiveness, interests stays firm always (it isn’t any news or time dependent content as just in NY times) and provides real time price and insights. The extra substance you’ve got on your diary the higher the count. The website reputation can also be maintained using a web log or blog. The simplest way of doing things is to create back-link or link back to the relevant business niche for the delivered information. You can also be a good revenue generator once you start monetizing your blog.

How to Social Bookmark

Social bookmarking is a way of dealing some web 2.0 essential tools to make online things easier in the simplest way. Social bookmarking is becoming an integral part of doing SEO or for your future reference to any page that being already liked or visited by you on World Wide Web. The best part of doing this is to make your favourable resource recorded online using some browser tools or some built in web pages specially developed for news and media sharing purpose. The question arise what to do when your browser or saved data got trashed in a system crash/format condition? From where you can recover those saved pages? Probably not because there is no means of access the lost data unlike a living being suddenly come to an end. To avoid such calamity, we’ve got social bookmarking features and they are provided by the places or web services specially focused on this requirement. The term named as “Social” because this is a group of people of different interests and they collaborate on a single place to have further sharing!

In order to do a social bookmark, you first need to choose a social bookmarking network or platform of your choice. Let’s say these are the below mentioned social bookmarking platforms [There might be new resources coming on the way as we don’t know when a website/page becomes popular these day once get viral].


Google Bookmark Features





Let us understand how to do social bookmark using StumbleUpon resource:

Step 1: Create your complete profile

Step 2: Complete further details in the profile segment

Step 3: Add Some Interest [You just need to check the existing options]

Step 4: Do some stumbles [Like a few if you truly love them]

Step 5: Just go to “Add A Page” Section! Complete the info

That’s all for adding a social bookmark! Please share if you like this article on How to Social Bookmark!

To have author’s complete blog profile, please visit here John Pereless Blog

Web 2.0 By John Pereless

Web 2.0 explains World Wide Web sites i.e. www that use technology except the static or html pages of previous web sites era. This term was given in year 1999 by Darcy DiNucci and was in existence by Tim O’Reilly at O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference in final trimester of year 2004. Though web 2.0 advices a new version of the World Wide Web and it does not belong to any update related to technical specification or specialization, but despite to contagious changes in the way we use Web pages built in modern world. The chunks of code or dynamic programming done to implement new version of www is known as web 2.0!

A Web 2.0 site allow users to communicate and collaborate each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community, in oppose to websites where people are confined to neutral seeing of content. Some of the examples of Web 2.0 are social networking sites [They allow messaging, calling, live interaction via voice or text chat etc ], blogs [Blogs have features like media integration, gallery uploads and widgets configuration etc], wikis [The similar fundamental on widgets or further informative tools integrated to make them interactive], folksonomies, video sharing sites [Lets say Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe etc], hosted services [Here comes concept of ecommerce from where people create their virtual shop heading customers to 3’rd party sites for accomplishment of checkout process], Web applications like live chat with their support and interactive live meeting or let’s say project management PMS services etc!

Web 2.0 is totally different from existing old web technologies and has been challenged by World Wide Web master Tim Berners-Lee, explains the term as mock! His principal focus of inventing the web was “a common platform or a place where we all meet & share the ideas via reading & writing”

Merits of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 innovations can be an effective draw for an association; their intelligence guarantees to bring more representatives into everyday contact at lower cost. At the point when utilized adequately, they likewise may energize cooperation in ventures and thought offering, subsequently developing an organization’s pool of learning. They may bring more prominent extension and scale to associations also, fortifying securities with clients and enhancing correspondences with suppliers and outside accomplices.

Web 2.0 By John Pereless Blog

Web 2.0 By John Pereless Blog

Web 2.0 By John Pereless

Web 2.0 By John Pereless

Web-2.0 Pereless Blog

Web-2.0 Pereless Blog

This current year’s review transformed up solid proof that these points of interest are interpreting into measurable business picks up. When we got some information about the business profits their organizations have picked up as an aftereffect of utilizing Web 2.0 advances, they regularly report more prominent capacity to impart thoughts; enhanced access to learning specialists; and decreased expenses of interchanges, travel, and operations. Numerous respondents likewise say Web 2.0 instruments have diminished the time to market for items and have had the impact of enhancing representative fulfillment.

Top Software Development Myths By John Pereless

As we are well familiar with software development and fundamentals on various aspects but the most logical fact we are missing is the myths we don’t know how tools work and how we instruct them to accomplish any specific task. The hidden truth behind our implementation comes when we code or we act for something fishy that we escape and move ahead. The development tools are finer, but software development remains alive with false pretation on productivity, code optimization, offshoring, and many more. Even among folks as logical and partial towards some goal as software developers, you should never underestimate the power of software development myth. Some programmers will believe that whatever they are doing is upto the best and par excellence while in real there may be some other simple and efficient alternatives exists thus they lost the productivity percentage there.
The classic example is the popular fallacy that you can speed up a software project by adding more developers but if you still did not optimize the code, how the software can work in that efficient way?

You must accept that JavaScript and HTML5 have already replaced Flash, Java and Silverlight! Cloud computing is nothing to do with clouds rather its all based on Internet assessment.

John Pereless - Software Development Myths

John Pereless – Software Development Myths

John Pereless - Software Development Myths

John Pereless – Software Development Myths

John Pereless - Software Development Myths

John Pereless – Software Development Myths

When we deal with database management system, we counter with a term ACID that doesn’t belong to any liquidity or any acid property. It has to be discussed more on Atomicity, Consistency, Integrity and Durability! Web doesn’t need ACID all the time unless it’s secured and safe terminal 🙂

Programming myth: Great coders work for long hours

This is the universal truth that coders need consistency and concentration all the time and hence they work for long hours. Good programmers always work in making code efficient and optimize too so they work for long hours in compare to a general programmer!

But it doesn’t mean to be in that negative way. There’re lot of proof to conclude that long hours never increase productivity. In fact, additional time may hit more than it helps.

Programming Myth on Giant Web Application beyond your thinking:
Most experiments are short lived and not fixed on a specific technology. Yammer switched to Java when Scala couldn’t meet its needs thus technology replacement took place. Twitter switched from Ruby on Rails to Scala before also settling on Java. Reddit book marking giant rewrote its code in Python as Lisp did not work for them. Yahoo Store migrated to C++ and on Perl.

Things You Should Know About Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus By John Pereless Part 3

Ebola Virus By John Pereless Part 3

Ebola Virus By John Pereless

Ebola Virus By John Pereless

John Pereless On Ebola Virus Part 2

John Pereless On Ebola Virus Part 2

John Pereless On Ebola Virus

John Pereless On Ebola Virus

The date i.e. 3 APRIL 2014 – World Health Organisation [WHO] is favoring the national authorities in the result to an out of control situation of Ebola virus disease (EVD; previously known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever). This outbreak is now finalized to be caused by a strain of ebola virus with micro homology (98%) to the Zaire ebolavirus. This is the first attempt of this disease and has been found in West Africa and surrounding places.
The first Case was reported in the forested regions in south-east Guinea. The outbreak has very fast figured and many local districts places as well as Conakry have reported diagnose and deaths due to this deadly EVD. A little figure on  suspicious cases about deaths has also been announced from near countries with all of them having easy access from Guinea.  Too many cases have already been reported from Guinea & Liberia.

Latest updates on doubtful and finalized cases & deaths

As per WHO, Ebola virus is 1 of 3 members of the Filoviridae family (filovirus), along with genus Marburgvirus and genus Cuevavirus. Genus Ebolavirus comprises 5 different species: Bundibugyo ebolavirus (BDBV); Zaire ebolavirus (EBOV); Reston ebolavirus (RESTV); Sudan ebolavirus (SUDV); and Taï Forest ebolavirus (TAFV). BDBV, EBOV, & SUDV have been correlated with large EVD outbreaks in African areas, whereas RESTV and TAFV have not in that scale. Blood, and other relevant pathological sample opted from patients in this outbreak have tested positive for EBOV.

Infection and disease transmission

In Africa, fruit bats are considered to be the actual and natural source of Ebola virus. The virus is transferred from wildlife to people through association and touching with infected fruit bats, or through mediatory source, like monkeys, apes, or pigs [Pigs already known host for Swine flu] that have themselves become infected through contact with bat saliva.
People might be then became infected through contact with infected animals as we mentioned above, may be either in the process of slaughtering or through consumption of blood, milk, or raw or undercooked meat that has this deadly virus already etc.
The virus is then transmitted from person to person through straight contact with the blood, saliva secretions or other bodily i.e. physical fluids of infected persons, or from contact with contaminated needles [This is also a possible reason as we’ve seen in AIDS] or other instrument in the environment.

Signs and symptoms

EVD has a fatality rate up to 90%, is a danger acute viral illness [That has no known vaccine or treatment yet] often characterized by the sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache, nausea & sore throat. This is followed by vomiting, diarrhoea [Doctors supply fluids and keep body hydrated], kidney and liver dysfunction, and in some critical cases, both internal and external bleeding due to cell destroying. Pathological or Laboratory findings intense include low white blood cell [WBC] & platelet counts [Those are power house in fighting with an infection] and elevated liver enzymes.
The period, the time interval from infection with the virus to rise of symptoms, is 2 to 21 days. Obviously people remain infectious as long as their blood and secretions has virus, a period that has been reported to be as long as 61 days after onset of illness[So a patient needs complete isolation during this period due to avoid its further transmission].

Identifying and treatment of EVD

Considering the findings of EVD, other, more common diseases should not be taken for granted; for example all viral infection and disease like shigellosis, cholera, leptospirosis, plague, malaria, typhoid fever, rickettsiosis, relapsing fever, meningitis, hepatitis and other viral haemorrhagic fevers.

Definitive diagnosis of EVD is done through pathological lab testing. Because samples from patients are a source of infection risk for others, testing is done under maximum biological isolation and in containment conditions so that no other can be its victim by some known mistakes.

There is no vaccine available, nor there any specific known treatment for this calamity. Severely ill patients require intensive supportive care as they lose the physical strength as time passed and it becomes more critical. Patients are frequently dehydrated and require oral rehydration [via increasing water or fluid intake] with solutions containing electrolytes, or intravenous fluids.
Preventative measures

Precaution is always better than cure and raising awareness of the risk factors associated for an infection and the protective measures that should be taken is the only known way to reduce human infection and subsequent casualties. Close unprotected physical contact with Ebola infected should be strictly avoided. Fine use of gloves and personal protective equipment PPE (including hand hygiene before and after taking off PPE) should be practised when taking care of infected patients at home or elsewhere. Regular hand washing or sanitation is required after visiting patients in hospital, as well as after taking care of patients elsewhere.
All spreading of the virus to care taker health workers has been reported when common infection control measures have not been measured. Caretakers or health workers caring for any infected should practice standard precautions. When caring for patients with suspected or confirmed Ebola infection, health-care workers should apply standard precautions or should avoid any exposure to patients’ bodily fluids and with possibly contaminated environments.