Top Software Development Myths By John Pereless

As we are well familiar with software development and fundamentals on various aspects but the most logical fact we are missing is the myths we don’t know how tools work and how we instruct them to accomplish any specific task. The hidden truth behind our implementation comes when we code or we act for something fishy that we escape and move ahead. The development tools are finer, but software development remains alive with false pretation on productivity, code optimization, offshoring, and many more. Even among folks as logical and partial towards some goal as software developers, you should never underestimate the power of software development myth. Some programmers will believe that whatever they are doing is upto the best and par excellence while in real there may be some other simple and efficient alternatives exists thus they lost the productivity percentage there.
The classic example is the popular fallacy that you can speed up a software project by adding more developers but if you still did not optimize the code, how the software can work in that efficient way?

You must accept that JavaScript and HTML5 have already replaced Flash, Java and Silverlight! Cloud computing is nothing to do with clouds rather its all based on Internet assessment.

John Pereless - Software Development Myths

John Pereless – Software Development Myths

John Pereless - Software Development Myths

John Pereless – Software Development Myths

John Pereless - Software Development Myths

John Pereless – Software Development Myths

When we deal with database management system, we counter with a term ACID that doesn’t belong to any liquidity or any acid property. It has to be discussed more on Atomicity, Consistency, Integrity and Durability! Web doesn’t need ACID all the time unless it’s secured and safe terminal 🙂

Programming myth: Great coders work for long hours

This is the universal truth that coders need consistency and concentration all the time and hence they work for long hours. Good programmers always work in making code efficient and optimize too so they work for long hours in compare to a general programmer!

But it doesn’t mean to be in that negative way. There’re lot of proof to conclude that long hours never increase productivity. In fact, additional time may hit more than it helps.

Programming Myth on Giant Web Application beyond your thinking:
Most experiments are short lived and not fixed on a specific technology. Yammer switched to Java when Scala couldn’t meet its needs thus technology replacement took place. Twitter switched from Ruby on Rails to Scala before also settling on Java. Reddit book marking giant rewrote its code in Python as Lisp did not work for them. Yahoo Store migrated to C++ and on Perl.


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